Pilates Case Study: Retirees

An antidote to stiffness and pain.

The Retiree’s Story

George is 75 years old and lives locally in the Barbican.  He is a retired solicitor and has always been reasonably fit, having played golf regularly as well as enjoying walks and occasional cycle rides.


He has never suffered from any major health problems, but has noticed a slight pain in his right knee when walking up and down the stairs and some general muscle stiffness when getting up in the morning.  He came to us because he had heard about the benefits of Pilates and wondered if we could help him?

We suggested that George join our studio club.  He liked the idea of working out at his own pace under the guidance on our instructor in a small group environment. During his initial 1-1 assessment we noticed an imbalance in his hips which we felt could be contributing to his knee problem.  The instructor devised an exercise programme for him to help correct this imbalance as well as some exercises to relieve the tightness in his calf muscles in his lower legs.


Over the next 3 months, George came to the studio club once a week and would also do some Pilates exercises that we recommended for him at home a couple of times each week.  He has found that the stiffness he was experiencing first thing in the morning has disappeared and the knee pain considerably lessened.


George continues to come to studio club once a week and remarked just last week that an added benefit has been the ability to now touch his toes  – something he hasn’t been able to do for 20 years!