Pilates Case Study: Office Workers

Resolving the pain of long commutes and days spent in front of the computer.

The Office Worker’s Story

Jane is in her mid 30s and has a desk bound job in the City.  She regularly cycles to work and likes to go to spin classes at the gym but around a year ago, started to suffer from a niggling lower back pain.  This pain always felt worse after spending long periods sitting at her desk, or after travelling on trains and aeroplanes which she has to do regularly for her job.


She went to see a physiotherapist who diagnosed the problem as being muscular and due to poor posture and too much sitting.  After treatment her physiotherapist suggested she try Pilates.


We suggested to Jane that she should try our Pilates reformer starter package.  She had not tried reformer Pilates before, having just tried the occasional Pilates mat class at her local gym but never really “getting it

During her initial 1-1 session that was included at part of the starter package, her instructor looked at her body posture and then showed her some basic techniques of how to use the reformer, to ensure that when she was taking a class that she really understood the cues the instructor was giving to ensure she got the most out of the reformer class.


Jane started off taking two classes a week and very quickly became hooked.  Not only did the back pain go away but she also started to notice a change in her body shape.  Her legs became leaner, her shoulders less rounded and she found she was leaving her lunchtime class feeling energised for the afternoon.  She continues to cycle and take spin classes at her gym, but has started to notice that she is cycling differently as she uses muscles that she had never realised she had before.  She is now planning on taking part in a long distance cycle race this summer!