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Modern life, especially in the city, is fast paced and stressful. This environment can have negative physiological effects on the body from poor posture, movement habits and stress, opening it to injury.

Restrictions and poor movement can be the root cause of chronic pain. A combination of Pilates, to re-learn efficient movement and re-align the body, together with manual, targeted myofascial release, will allow you to:

  • Explore and allow the body to find its equilibrium
  • Discover your potential to move with ease in a full range
  • Release into movement with movement Myofascial sessions
  • Overcome poor posture and habits contributing to pain
  • Rebalance the neural and motor systems

What is Movement Myofascial?

The Movement Myofascial treatment is a gentle but effective method precisely identifying restrictions, then working with the body using a number of specialised techniques including specific joint work and visceral release. It can be used alone and can be very effective for many painful conditions including:

  • Shoulder & Neck Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel & RSI
  • TMJ & Jaw related pain
  • Scoliosis and postural issues
  • Injury & post operative recovery• Whiplash • Fibromyalgia

Richard has many years’ experience teaching Pilates training with renowned educators Helge Fisher and Kelly Kane, working from an anatomical, bio-mechanical and sensory approach. He has added to this with extensive study of  the myofascial connections of the body gaining manual therapy skills in Structural Integration, Movement Myofascial Release and the deeper bodywork of the Barral Institute. He sees many clients with chronic issues and combines movement and manual therapy, working inventively and intuitively with your body.


Client comment ” .. thank you for the 1:1 class. I was very impressed with the way you analysed me, felt the tension and the way you taught. Wow!” 

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